Current 93 - Invocations Of Almost

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Premiera: 26.04.2019

C93 have dreamt a new album, Invocations Of Almost, using music from her FuturePast and her PastFuture, to accompany David Tibet's art exhibition, Invocations Of Almost, which opens on March 9 at The Begovich Gallery, Fullerton, CA and lasts for around 2 months The CD version of Invocations Of Almost is 59-minutes long, as it is launched on David's 59th BirthDay, March 5, whilst he is in LA for the official opening of his show on March 9. There will also be a vinyl LP edition, which sings a slightly shorter version, mixed specifically for the 12". The music on Invocations Of Almost will be played on a continual loop in The Begovich Gallery whilst the exhibition is open.