Chicks On Speed - Artstravaganza

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Nowy album Chicks On Speed, z gościnnym udziałem Yoko Ono, Juliana Assange'a i Petera Weibela.

Writer Douglas Coupland describes us living in a post Koonsian world with a curated 21st century lifestyle, where everything is art and everyone can be an artist and even non-art is art by default: a readymade! Globe-trotting performance, art, music, fashion and new media provocateurs Chicks On Speed (Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan) are back with their genre-defying & shape-shifting Artstravaganza. The album and series of six interactive musical instrument APPs presents analog craft strategies alongside digital human computer interaction, in a collision between pop music, art, activism and data -- this album and international series of interactive live-art exhibitions and concerts to launch Artstravaganza invites Chicks On Speed audiences to become prosumers. Musical collaborations on Artstravaganza include Australian journalist and activist Julian Assange, philanthropist, chairman TBA21, and pop star, Princess Francesca von Habsburg, artist Yoko Ono, '60s performance artist and director of ZKM, Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Peter Weibel, Singaporean artist Angie Seah, long-time Chicks On Speed collaborator Anat Ben-David and the students of Interface Cultures lab, University of Art and Design, Linz. Artstravaganza is produced by Chicks On Speed (Melissa Logan & Alex Murray-Leslie) with Christopher Just, Oliver Horton, Phill Speiser and Timor Litzenberger.

1. Utopia 5:55     
2. Art Dump 5:37     
3. Text, Vodka & le Rock'n'Roll 3:55     
4. Beat Is Happening 3:15     
5. Time (Strobe Light)    12:41     
6. Coyote Hustle 3:39     
7. Peter on Acid 7:10     
8. Wir Sind Daten 5:43     
9. The Never Ending Pursuit of Happiness 4:39     
10. Time Ripples 8:22     
11. God    6:52     
12. Plastic Bag    4:31     
13. Love Bites 3:25     
14. Burning Down the House 3:25