Bruce Gilbert and BAW - Diluvial

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Taking rising sea levels as its theme, Diluvial imagines the world before, during and after the next great flood, referring to an ancient, ex nihilointerpretation of global warming.

Field recordings from beaches in Suffolk and London, conceptual scoring, visual installation and sonic performance fuelled Diluvial’s evolving soundscape, alluding to the mythical seven days of Creation. Diluvial was a compositional collaboration in three iterations between Bruce Gilbert and BAW (David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin).

Synthesised sound generated by Gilbert and Crawforthin response to Siderfin's score and i-phone field research, was assembled over seven weeks into an electroacoustic composition: The Void, The Expanse, Dry Land, Lights, Creatures of Sea and Air, Beasts of the Earth, Rest/Reflection.

Bruce Gilbert is a founding member of the influential art-punk band Wire and a pioneer of experimental noise. He studied art and found a niche in the late 1960’s avant-garde music scene and continues to work as an iconic figure. He makes visual and sonic works in a range of media.

David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin – Beaconsfield Art Works – have been collaborating on experimental solo projects since they co-founded Beaconsfield in 1994. Their art interventions have exhibited internationally and whether installation or performance, almost always involve sound.

The development and exhibition of Soundtrap V: Diluvial was generously supported by PRS Foundation, Arts Council England, Big Shed and Hydrosphere.


1. The Void [play]
2. The Expanse [play]
3. Dry Land [play]
4. Lights [play]
5. Creatures of Sea and Air [play]
6. Beasts of the Earth [play]
7. Rest/Reflection [play]