Brain Damage - Combat Dub 4 - Revisited [vinyl 2LP]

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Premiera: 24.06.2019

It was back in 2000 that Fedayi Pacha and Martin Nathan initiated the famous remix compilation series entitled Combat Dub. Heading Bangarang then, one of the pioneer collectives of dub in France, they were among the firsts to import there works from many artists from all around the globe. Almost all different contemporary dub styles were represented along the three first volumes, from UK sound-system, to New-York dub-illbiant, including the French scene foundations …

2019, to celebrate Brain Damage career 20th birthday, Martin Nathan opens his whole discography to remix. He then conducts an amazing casting, essentially consisting of iconic producers and international dub leaders (ZionTrain, Vibronics, OBF…), but also of legendary and charismatic singers (Horace Andy, Willi Williams, Harrison Stafford…). Naturally, French producers are strongly represented, all architects of that now worldwide renowned« French dub touch », such as Zenzile, Dub Invaders (High Tone), Dub Addict (Kaly Live Dub), Stand High Patrol, etc…

Though the project aims surely beyond a mere juxtaposition of prestigious names. It indeed intends to reflect 20 years of collaborations, crazy ventures and meetings, that have shaped Brain Damage career into something unique. All different artistic periods of the producer, and each of his 14 albums are represented, from the very first years until most recent works.

Combat Dub 4 is laid out as a digest of Brain Damage teeming discography, revisited by 14 producers among the most influential of their generation. 20 years of dub & experiments …

From Bogotá to New-York, from London to Guadalajara, from Kingston to St Etienne …
From 1999 to 2019…

Happy birthday … dubwise !

released March 29, 2019

P&C : 2019 Jarring Effects Label

Selected by Brain Damage, Celebrating his 20TH Anniversary

SINGERS : Horace Andy (JAM), Willi Williams (JAM), Harrison Stafford (USA), Madu Messenger (UK), Tena Stelin (UK), Black Sifichi (FR), Macky Ruff y La Gaitana (COL), Matah (MEX), Zeb McQueen (SCO), Emiko Ota (JAP)

REMIXERS : Moa Ambessa (IT), Vibronics (UK), Alpha Steppa (UK), Stand High Patrol (FR), Zenzile (FR), Chalart58 meets Dub Iration (MEX), Zion Train (UK), OBF (FR), Dub-Stuy (USA), Dub Addict (FR), Dub Invaders (FR), Culture dub sound (FR), Fedayi Pacha (FR), Brain Damage (FR).

Mastering by Brice Marin @ JFX Studio / Lyon.
Artwork by Ben Hito

1. Youts dub [ feat. Horace Andy ] • Moa Ambessa RMX 04:06
2. Fyah bun [ feat. Willi Williams ] • Vibronics RMX 04:07
3. Stand by me [ feat. Harrison Stafford ] • Brain Damage RMX 05:01
4. Letter home [ feat. Madu Messenger ] • Alpha Steppa RMX 04:58
5. Spirit world [ feat. Tena Stelin ] • Stand High Patrol RMX 04:54
6. The tower to eternity [ feat. Black Sifichi ] • Fedayi Pacha RMX 04:26
7. Andar [ feat. Macky Ruff y La Gaitana ] • Zenzile RMX 06:53
8. Mundhu [ feat. Matah ] • Chalart58 meets Dub Iration RMX 03:03
9. Pray fi di youts [ feat. Willi Williams ] • Zion Train RMX 04:34
10. Royal salute [ feat. Sir Jean ] • Culture Dub Sound RMX 03:59
11. Shake up [ feat. Zeb McQueen ] • Dub Invaders RMX 04:46
12. Genetic weapon [ feat. Tena Stelin ] • OBF RMX 04:14
13. Under the ground [ feat. Emiko Ota ] • Dub-Stuy RMX 03:35
14. Cube dub [ feat. Black Sifichi ] • Dub Addict RMX 04:30