Luc Ferrari - Music Promenade / Unheimlich Schön [vinyl]

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Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 2018
Digital transfer: Jonathan Fitoussi & Diego Losa

Translations: Valérie Vivancos

Layout: Stephen O'Malley
Photos: Jacques Brissot, ARR

Coordination GRM: François Bonnet

Executive Production: Peter Rehberg
Remerciements: Brunhild Ferrari

Music Promenade (1964–1969), 20'29

Electroacoustic Music
World premiere for the Théâtre de la musique, March 16, 1970
" Hétéro-Concert "

Permanent version for four stand-alone tape recorders. A series of colliding realistic sounds and sonic images. Whilst walking, a man is struck by the violence of his surroundings.
 Nature has disappeared in a whirlwind of warfare and industry in the midst of which he encounters a dying folklore and a lost young girl.

The "Installation" version is used to sonify a place in which walkers are free to choose their musical itinerary.

Unheimlich Schön (1971), 15'40

Musique concrète made in 1971 in the studios of the Südwestfunk in Baden-Baden.
Voice: Ilse Mengel.

"How does a young woman breathe when thinking about something else ?"
To be listened to at a low volume.



1 Music Promenade [clip]
2 Unheimlich Schön [clip]