Tokyo Sex Destruction - The Neighbourhood

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Po wykręconych brzmieniach w klimatach soul-rhyth'n'blues-nois-punk, Tokyo Sex Destruction brnęło w coraz bardziej dojrzałą muzykę. Niniejszy album to powtierdza. Po czterech latach od wydania ostatniego albumu i niezliczonych koncertach od San Francisco po Moskwę, w muzyce zespołu pojawił się pewien dystans do wcześniejszych eksperymentów. Nieokiełznanie zostało zastąpione przez mocno przemyślaną strukturę utworów, ale pazur na strunie pozostał.

Tokyo Sex Destruction is a four-piece from Barcelona with a sound that is universal. On the map since 2003 they banged out three records in the first three years of their existence. Those discs were regularly compared to The Hives and (International) Noise Conspiracy.

And now The Neighbourhood – a new album after a four year break in recording! In the meantime they played 150 gigs per year from San Francisco to Moscow, broke in a new bassplayer (who looks like the prez of the Pyreneean Taliban-chapter) and finetuned their sound. Which by now is a potent brew of rock-channeled soul, with characteristic handclaps, hammond organs, a horn section and catchy choruses sprinkled with "Hey Hey Heys" and "Yeah Yeah Yeahs"!

With The Neighbourhood, Tokyo Sex Destruction reinvent themselves showing maturity and diversity. They have moved beyond their direct MC5/ Sonics dichotomy, although all four of them still use the surname Sinclair, in honor of the MC5-manager and White Panther Party leader John Sinclair.

For the Stag-O-Lee version of The Neighbourhood Tokyo Sex Destruction recorded three additional studio songs in June 2010.


01. Dope & Love
02. Stories from the neighbourhood
03. The sounds of your soul
04. It Was '69
05. It's gonna be alright
06. Let me down
07. Move it
08. They've lost control
09. Cold sweat
10. Don't let my hand fall
11. I think you lie
12. Listen, my lord!
13. Don't try to hide the truth of you
14. Prodigal stones blues