Paul Wirkus - Discours amoureux

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Nowa płyta Paula Wirkusa!

Discours amoureux is a psycho-acoustic essay, a consciously digital ambient album between
laptop electronica and field recordings. Mental strolls – geographic and historical, musical
and philosophical – are combined with the real strolls through the green spheres of the
summery, loud city on the search for security, calm, a chance to exhale. The impressions are
immediately tonally processed and reflected. The result is new, unexpected interpretations,
spaces and cross-connections – unexpressed stories, lucid moments, heard and unheard
elements. All pieces were created in summer 2016 and mostly recorded in laptop liveperformance
mode straight onto another "recorder" computer. Poetic, tender, but also
crashing, Paul Wirkus gruffly re-announces his presence with resigned enthusiasm with a
new minimal electronica album.