Paul Wirkus - Carmen et Error [vinyl]

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The music of Paul Wirkus is organic, instinctive and has a very private character; it is raw and poetic
simultaneously. The album Carmen et Error arose in performing mode; the body and the memory play a
significant role in the process. Every second one feels the executing hand of the author, who is constantly
present and alive. Wirkus is clearly a reflecting minimalist with a tendency towards fragile perfectionism.
Stylistically, the music varies between the extremely sparingly instrumented, intimate solo percussion
pieces, the remarkable, notional minimalistic rock power-trio and an acoustic Delta Blues by Mississippi
Fred McDowell. Wirkus plays all instruments himself and sings. Part of the album concept of Carmen et
Error is comprised of pencil drawings, which are just as important to the artist as the music itself.

1. L1
2. The Train I Ride
3. A Constant
4. Drinkin’Water Out Of A Hollow Log
5. K1
6. The Limits Of Human Endurance
7. I Heard Somebody Call
8. Dankgesang