Nattali Rize - Rebel Frequency

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Nattali Rize is one of the few women who manage to be famous in the very exclusive reggae world. A huge talent for live shows and her very special voice had seduced Jamaican producers. Native from Australia she’s coming from rock music and doesn’t have at first all the attributes to convince this kind of offbeat affiliated audience. But her talent and unique personality made her the new flavour of the moment in Jamaica. Nattali Rize’s powerful voice contrasts with her fragile appearance, great talent for sensitivity and finesse that she brings and retains in the very masculine reggae world.

Since her debut with the Australian band « Blue King Brown » she performed on some of the biggest and most desirable stages (like « Summerjam » the biggest European reggae festival in Germany, PALEO festival in Switzerland) to perform hits like « Rebel Love » (one million views on YouTube !). Currently she had and still has great success in the US with a 30 dates tour crossing spots like  « Carlifornia Roots » in Monterey, California. Nattali Rize is considered to be a very original talented artist and definitely has her place in the reggae world that can be violent and macho. An everyday fight to compete with so many clichés and to spread an engaged message of union and protection for the oppressed.

On March 24th Nattali Rize will release her first album: « REBEL FREQUENCY » ! The new longplayer has come together across continents and is a release dedicated to a global uprising of conscious community and awakening mindset.

« We’re here to deliver a different frequency to what is being transmitted by the current world system and culture of consumerism and ignorance. Our words, melodies, rhythms and intentions are to empower and inspire full freedom, that frequency is a rebel in this paradigm. » (Nattali Rize, 2017)

« REBEL FREQUENCY » is a unique musical composition between reggae, rock and some electro/pop arrangements like on the very nice « Hypocrisy ». But you’ll also find the well-recognized charismatic « Natty Rides Again » track recorded with Julian Marley and the beautiful « One People » single which comes along totally acoustic. Both tender and harmful like its performer. With this song Nattali pays tribute to one of Bob Marley’s greatest hits (« Redemption Song ») mixing rough words with sweet melodies same way as the great icon.

The album has been partially produced in the iconic Tuff Gong studios with talented producer duo « NOTIS » (Jimmy Cliff, Tarrus Riley etc.) and Lotek (UK). It features inspiring conscious artists including Julian Marley, Kabaka Pyramid, Jah 9, Raging Fyah and Dre Island.

Nattali Rize and crew are here to bring a memory of what we once were and what we have the potential to be as evolving beings of light. To tune into the REBEL FREQUENCY, just open up your heart and receive it !


01. Rebel Frequency
02. Natty Rides Again feat. Julian Marley
03. Warriors
04. One People
05. Evolutionary feat. Dre Island & Jah9
06. Heart Of Lion feat. Notis
07. Fly Away feat. Raging Fyah
08. Meditation
09. Generations Will Rize feat. Kabaka Pyramid
10. Hypocrisy
11. Free Up You Mind
12. Ever Rizing Dub