Matthew Shipp Duo (with William Parker) - DNA

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  • Producent: Thirsty Ear Recordings
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Matthew Shipp to rozchwytywany i utalentowany pianista oraz wokalista jazzowy. Na koncie ma wspólpracę m.in. z DJ Spookym, Scannerem i Anti-Pop Consortium.

Matthew Shipp - piano

William Parker - bas


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Recenzja z Allaboutjazz.com:

Matthew Shipp continues to document his progression as the anti-Marsalis. Eschewing swing for feeling, he leads his fans or is it his cult, down a much different path. His latest installment, recorded January of this year, is his thirty-second in the last eight years. At this pace, he’ll replace David Murray as the album of the month artist. Teamed with his idol, bassist William Parker, Shipp seems most comfortable. Five improvised tracks are sandwiched by two traditional pieces, When Johnny Comes Marching Home and Amazing Grace. I recommend you start listening with the last tack Amazing Grace, Shipp’s straight rendition, almost church-like is indeed beautiful. Parker a master of the arco, churns Shipp through the opening track. Later plucking, coaxing, leading and later following the pianist through the improvisational sketches. A must see live, the duo’s music is challenging on disc. Sometimes noisy, often silent, Shipp keeps the piano tradition of Cecil Taylor and Andrew Hill alive.



Track Listing:

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Cell Sequence

Genetic Alphabet



Mr. Chromosome

Amazing Grace