Sun Ra And His Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra ‎- Beyond The Purple Star Zone / Oblique Parallax

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Two related classic Saturn LP reissues on a single CD, both recorded at the Detroit Jazz Centre in 1980 and 1981 respectively. They share an excellent sound quality and great playing -- there's a classic version of 'Rocket No.9' and plenty of otherworldly Moog and electronic keyboards -- it's up there with Ra's best on record. 'Rocket' excepted, all the pieces are original to these LPs and don't appear elsewhere, though the first track of Purple Star Zone is heard again at the end, with another name (exactly as it was on the 2 LPs), so it was clearly much liked by the boss. These were 10-14 piece bands, featuring the regulars, including June Tyson, and some visiting guests. The first LP features prominent electric guitar (not identified in the personnel list on the CD, but every listing I've seen for these LPs is different; this one should be fairly accurate in general, since the promoter helped to get the CD together). A fine release, touched with greatness and with a good sound. Comes in the usual elaborate gatefold digipack, covers for which the Artyard label is justly praised.