Johnny Cash - Wide Open Road - 1960-1962 Rarities [vinyl]

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Shortly after his arrival in Memphis and subsequent signing to Sun Records, Johnny Cash performed on KWEM radio, marking the very first radio performance for him and his group, the Tennessee Two. In this performance from May 1, 1955, the group is amped up, electrified, and absolutely stunning. Rounding out this LP are Cash's highly regarded 1960 and 1962 demo recordings.


  Live From KWEM, Memphis, May 21st 1955
A1 Intro  
A2 Wide Open Road  
A3 One More Ride  
A4 Luther's Boogie  
A5 Belshazzar  
A6 Closing Comments  
  1960 Sun Demos
B1 Johnny Yuma  
B2 Five Minutes To Live  
B3 The Losing Kind  
B4 Locomotive Man  
B5 Girls In Saskatoon  
B6 There's A Mother Always Waiting  
B7 Johnny Reb The Shifting  
B8 Whispering Sounds Part 2  
B9 Send A Picture Of Mother