Jazz Against The Machine - Black Bossa

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JAZZ AGAINST THE MACHINE are a group of instrumentalists searching for their musical roots. With their recordings, we join them on their musical trip, hurtling on a Blue Train towards Nirvana. The music springs from a well of infuences that fow beyond the stream of categorisation.

On the surface, the scale of the groups musical horizons may seem at odds with itself, but they manage to marry the youthful energy of their rock flled adolescence with their passion for the masters of jazz.

They have woven their own Roots Bloody Roots with the sonic tapestry of the Birth of the Cool. Their live show is a bitch's brew of nineties rock covers by the likes of Soundgarden and Sepultura.

1     Bombtrack     
2     Spoonman     
3     Roots Bloody Roots     
4     Creep     
5     After Dark     
6     Road To Eberbach     
7     Jorge Durango     
8     Souljatm     
9     Septemberblues