Gastr del Sol - Harp Factory on Lake Street (CD-EP)

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Gastr del Sol ? zespół z Chicago założony w 1991 przez Davida Grubbsa . Między 1993 a 1998 rokiem nagrywali albumy w różnych stylistykach, od post-rocka (scena z którą byli silnie związani) po muzykę konkretną.

Niniejszy minialbum pochodzi z roku 1995.

Grubbs, wcześniej w Squirrel Bait oraz Bastro, założył zespół w 1991 roku w Chicago. Pierwszy album The Serpentine Similar wydali w 1993 roku. W tym okresie oprócz Grubbsa w skład wchodzili Bundy K. Brown (gitara basowa) oraz John McEntire (perkusja) ? obaj byli wcześniej członkami Bastro. W 1994 Brown i McEntire opuścili Gastr del Sol aby dołączyć do Tortoise, zaś do składu dołączył gitarzysta, kompozytor i producent Jim O'Rourke.

Is 90s nostalgia underway yet? If not, this reissue may be just the thing to get it started. In 1994, Chicago is the fountainhead for a bona-fide Scene, in which bands are giving timbre and texture priority over riffs and power chords. To the chagrin of many, the press will label it all "post-rock." It's the definitive movement of the decade, and front and center are Gastr del Sol, comprised of David Grubbs (previously: Squirrel Bait, Bastro) and Jim O'Rourke (subsequently: Wilco, Sonic Youth). Some of their city-mates may shift more units; Gastr, with a relentless drive for reinvention, shift the boundaries of where a band can go. Avant punk, atonal song-styling, musique concr?, delicate piano-guitar interplay, raw electronics and modernist chamber music -- all are fair terrain, traversed with subtlety and finesse. Behind the obligatory horn-rims, Grubbs and O'Rourke have "vision." A dozen years later, this overdue reissue of 1994's _The Harp Factory on Lake Street_ EP provides the missing piece in Gastr's otherwise available discography. To hear it again is a treat. It's their notorious "big band" record, and the ten-piece ensemble is a veritable All-Star team of mid-90s Chicagoans, including members of Tortoise, Sea and Cake, Shellac, Dazzling Killmen, Brise Glace and the Vandermark 5; through studio maneuvering courtesy O'Rourke and engineer John McEntire, they blossom into a small-sized orchestra. Remarkably confident in the use of space and dissonance, _Harp Factory_ also emphasizes the conceptual "scrape", the friction between nuance and noise, that plays such a prominent role in Gastr's subsequent _Upgrade and Afterlife_ LP. Familiar signposts are still in sight -- O'Rourke's compositional skills, Grubbs' associative, absurdist musings -- but this is definitely their boldest outing. It's a record full of blissful confoundment, one that aptly vivifies the spirit of an era. Gastr del Sol may have lasted a brief five years, but they are to the 1990s what the Magic Band, This Heat and Sonic Youth were to their respective decades: intrepid trailblazers through the backwoods of sound.


1. The Harp Factory on Lake Street (David Grubbs, Jim O'Rourke) 17:12