Dub Division - Wisdom

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DUB DIVISION was founded by Karl-Emmanule Musoke in 1988 as one of the first Reggae Bands in Hamburg, Germany. With their spirited live concerts DUB DIVISION established themselves amongst the Reggae Bands in Europe during the 90ies. Their repertoire covers the variety of Reggae Music which is completed live with a big portion of Dub by an own Mix Man. The cultural variety of the Band members, their continued commitment for peace, justice and tolerance as well as the warm and powerful African vocals make DUB DIVISION unique.

Popular songs at those times are: „Interior Of Africa“, „I and I“ (released on CD Shalom in 2012), „Call Your Children Home“ (will be released on CD Wisdom in 2017) und many more.

End of the 90ies – 2010 with mutual support a solid Reggae scene grew up in Hamburg, Germany with many Bands, Sound Systems, Studios and events. With the experience during this time DUB DIVISION released their Debut Album „Shalom“ in 2012. Throughout the attention of „Shalom“ it became a strong project for DUB DIVISION. This „Project-Shalom“ now presents their new Album „WISDOM“ in February 2017!


1 Wise Up 4:36
2 Wisdom 6:01
3 Shalom (2016) 4:07
4 Man In The Wind 5:22
5 Call Your Children 4:10
6 We Been 6:02
7 Jungle 3:36
8 African Slow Way 4:26
9 Kingston 4:27
10 King's Dub 4:23
11 Peaceful Dub 4:14
12 Wisdom Dub 6:06
13 Dub In The Jungle 3:44
14 Call Your Dub 4:07