Blaudzun - Jupiter (Part 1)

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Almost two and a half years after the release of his successful album ‘Promises Of No Man’s Land’, Blaudzun returns with his new album ‘Jupiter’ on 7 October. His fifth full-length release, ‘Jupiter’ will be an album in three parts.

Blaudzun explains: ‘My new album is a tryptich; a collection of songs released in three separate parts. These parts will be recorded at different times and studios. It’s really a work in progress, and that’s how it’ll stay until the final part has been released. Part I is now finished, but parts II and III are still in the works'

Part I, which contains the previously released track ‘Jupiter’, is a full LP with nine songs. Blaudzun recorded the songs live in the studio with band members old and new, producing a fresh sound with melodic eighties guitars, driving drums and a baritone-saxophone. "It's hard to capture the sound of these new songs in a few words; I'd say it's flippant and frivolous, quite flighty and sweltering. I consider it my sexiest album so far."

For these recordings Blaudzun changed his usual modus operandi of working solo or with just one musician at a time. He invited his key players, including his captain Tom Swart (piano), his brother Jakob Sigmond (guitars) and new drummer Simon Levi (known from William Fitzsimmons and Bonne Aparte) to come and record all at the same time. “Recording the songs on Part I asked for a different approach. I wanted to capture the energy and feel that we create when we play live on stage. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and this way of producing really contributes to a more organic process. I felt excited every day recording with thtese guys, knowing that we would get the best out of these songs."

Blaudzun is quite clear about why he is creating an album in three parts. “Pop music is fleeting, which can be a blessing and a curse,” he says. “I want to focus on the positive aspects pop music’s momentary nature. A lot of artists – including myself – usually record an album and start touring for a long time before they start working on new music. I’m a very impatient person, and this way of working was starting to rub me the wrong way. I want to stay inspired while on the road, and continue recording and releasing new music on the way.”

"When you compare a LP to a novel, I would describe Jupiter as a bundle of short stories. Or, to be precise: as three bundles of short stories. This isn't the time for me to work with a premeditated plan, like I did with Heavy Flowers. However, I still believe in the format of bundling songs. I'm convinced that Jupiter will shape its own story, just because of the dynamic of the songs on the three different parts.”

The title of the trilogy refers to planet Jupiter, the largest planet and the fifth planet in line from the sun. Jupiter being Blaudzun's fifth album, "that's a deliberate choice regarding the title, but it was a random coincidence that space probe Juno arrived at planet Jupiter just a few days after I had posted the track online. To me, the planet Jupiter is special because it’s so large its gravity pulls in asteroids and meteoroids that would have crashed down to Earth otherwise. It reflects the way I absorb art and music: Music can be a lifesaver."

The vinyl- and CD-configuration will contain one LP or disc, with two empty spots. Part-II is due to release in spring 2017; a release date for Part-III isn't set yet.

Blaudzun and his six-piece band will start touring mid September, playing stages in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Pls check blaudzun.com for more info.

01 Everything Stops
02 Between A Kiss And A Sorry Goodbye
03 Jupiter
04 Out Of Mind ((Hand It Over)
05 Alarmalarma
06 Here's To Now
07 Echo Heartache
08 Don't Waste The Shadow
09 Rotterdam